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American Economic Alert is here to help you make a better decision. We try our best to share our opinion, an opinion based on rich experience in investing and trading during last 16 years.

Should you listen to us, or care about us? Well it’s up to you to decide. If you are looking for a reliable source of helpfull information, then it might be a good idea to give us a chance to help you make some extra cash.

Throughout the years we have learned a lot about forex trading and binary options, and now we have decided to provide you the knowledge you need to start your own voyage in trading. We are going to do that with this website which covers almost all of the topics related to forex trading (managed forex accounts, forex trading bots, forex trading strategies), IQ options, trading signals, CFD trading and more.

Our main goal is helping novice traders to evade most of the problems and chalenges associated to high risk trading. Shout out to experienced traders – We asure you will be mind blown by our unorthodox approach to everyday challenges, they are going to help you achieve your goals.

Who are we?

Luka Cekic - CEO

Luka Cekic is the founder and creator of A.E.A. With extensive experience in trading and investing. He found out trading is not an easy game the hard way. 

Ales ogorevc - Financial Analyst

Ales Ogorevc is our Financial Analyst and full time writer at Finance.si.

He lives for the ever-changing world of business, finance and investing and expresses his expertise of communication through written articles in financial publications.

He inspires us with his clear understanding of businesses and trends and the ability to connect the dots.

Our methodology, trading platform and broker reviewsAmerican Economic Alert’s aim is to be people’s go to source of beneficial information related to IQ options, managed forex accounts and fx and shares trading by providing our fans the most successful trading platforms, strategies, and reviews of forex brokers and binary options brokers.We are here to help you succeed, and you need to know that the only way to success is knowledge and undersanding. You need to understand the market, the process of trading and only then you will know hot to choose the right forex accounts manager or how to trade binary options by yourself.


Why should you trust our reviews? Because we always test them all before we write about them, this is how we operate and only when someone pasess our test we publish them on American Economic Alert

Our promise to traders

We can asure you – We will always provide you with the latest and most successful plans, strategies, analysis and tips.

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