Duplitrade platform login
Duplitrade platform login

Duplitrade was founded in 2017 and is quite a new player in this industry. They are based out of New York, and their headquarters are at Wall Street, New York, New York in the US.

Their employee total is between 2-10, and although they have only recently come on board, they have made huge advancements in online trading.



  • A simple interface. Easy to use
  • A high deposit
  • A number of strategy providers
  • No real testimonials
  • Great customer care and support
  • A few trading tools

Duplitrade review – Pros and cons of  Duplitrade

Duplitrade, which is also quite popular in Japan, has made partnerships with 9 online trading brokerages, all well-established, and among whom counts companies such as AvaTrade, IC Markets, FX Pro and Pepperstone.

Duplitrade offers them an automated trading system which uses an advanced auto-execution mirror system. This system enables online traders to automate their trading when trading forex, indices, cryptocurrencies and commodities.

This automated trading software is still quite new and Duplitrade hasn’t won any awards for it yet, but they are definitely on the radar, as they provide brokerages and traders with this robust new innovation.

Duplitrade’s software is available to brokerages as well as traders around the world as it supports various languages inclusive of English, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Spanish.

Duplitrade steps to join
Duplitrade – how to join

Ease Of Use

How does Duplitrade work?
Duplitrade – How does it work?

The Duplitrade software was developed with the beginner and advanced trader in mind. It has a very easy and navigable user interface, easily implementable with your chosen standard brokerage account.

A trader merely opens up a Duplitrade membership, a brokerage account, and links the account to the Duplitrade membership.

After linking the account to the membership, all you need to do is select the preferred strategy provider you’d like to follow. You adjust the parameters of exposure, track and analyse your account in real time.

When comparing the Duplitrade software with other automated trading systems, this system is way more polished and advanced.

When combing through many other automated trading systems, you’ll soon realize that many of them are just scams or terrible in their design and function.

This system by Duplitrade is far from a scam and is superbly designed.


List of Duplitrade partners
Duplitrade – partner list

With the Duplitrade automated trading system you are provided with a whole trading experience from beginning to end. From the moment you log into the software and link it to your brokerage account, you will have a seamless trading experience.

Navigation is fast and smooth and offers a no-glitch experience. Once you’ve chosen a strategy, you can control your own trading parameters and navigate through your account and positions in real time through your brokerage trading account.

Duplitrade makes it a goal to only partner with reputable brokerages which ensures that you have a smooth automated trading experience.

The services offered by many other automated trading operaters are done so on a per brokerage system, which can become quite unreliable, however Duplitrade enjoys a high trust factor amongst brokerages.

Range Of Markets

Duplitrade range of markets
Duplitrade – range of markets

The Duplitrade automated trading software allows for trading on a number of financial markets inclusive of commodities, indices, forex and cryptocurrencies.

A Duplitrade user can participate in any market they wish as long as it is provided for in the strategy provider’s portfolio.

Do you not know which strategy provider to go with? No problem, as you can view the strategy provider’s portfolio and various other statistics before making a decision.

The strategy provider you choose may only be trading in one market or have assets from a combination of different markets.


As previously mentioned, Duplitrade offers automated trading software that helps users to trade automatically by providing a selection of strategy providers to copy.

As such Duplitrade offers its users a charting package. This package is based on the performance of the strategy provider and not on the assets that they are trading.

If you log onto the Duplitrade system you will be able to see different statistics on each strategy provider in a chart.

These charts allow you to see the profits they have made over an extended period of time, what the balance of their account is, complete with their deposits and their withdrawals, their monthly profit and loss, the percentage of portfolio asset allocation, as well as the value of their portfolio assets.

All of the information provided for in these statistics can be seen in chart format, but traders also have the option to see 20 other statistical parameters which can assist them in choosing the right strategy provider.

Available Tools

Duplitrade tools

Although Duplitrade does not have a lot of tools for traders, they do offer a huge amount of statistical data. Traditional platforms are rich in trading tools helping traders analyse the markets.

However, Duplitrade likes to keep things on the simple, and rather provides the data needed to make an informed decision on which strategy provider to choose.

After deciding on a strategy provider, a trader sets trading parameters which helps them manage their risks and also personalize their portfolios.

With these trading parameters are included trade multipliers, which monitors trades, profit and loss, and positions, all in real time.

Automated Trading

Automated trading

Duplitrade’s automated trading software is guaranteed to be real and original. On the Duplitrade platform traders have access to over 10 strategy providers.

These strategy providers each use different trading techniques and different assets. As a trader you just choose a strategy to copy and then you track your portfolio in real time through your Duplitrade account.

Support Resources

Duplitrade is rich in a wide array of support resources and educational material. On their website is a great getting started page, where a beginner trader can learn the ins and outs of the Duplitrade software, and how to analyse it in order to choose the best strategy provider for your needs.

Duplitrade also has a well worded FAQ section, a blog, a glossary with tons of relevant terms, and a simulator. The simulator makes things easy both in terms of visuals and automation.

With the simulator you are able to choose a strategy provider, or a number of strategy providers, automatically copy their strategies with $100,000 of virtual money.

A trader can track this virtual account in real time. Doing so allows you to decide whether Duplitrade’s services are appropriate and profitable for you or not.

Not only does Duplitrade offer these support resources, but as a trader you can get in contact with the Duplitrade support representatives through email or through live chat.


Duplitrade’s automated system is provided online, meaning that it is web based and does not need to be downloaded or installed.

You access their system directly from their website on any mobile device or desktop computer through their web interface.


This automated trading system from Duplitrade is very sophisticated and is trusted amongst many reputable brokerages.

It features 10 different strategy providers from which to copy strategies. The user interface is extremely well thought-out, providing for great user friendliness.

Also provided is a huge amount of statistical data providing information about the trading history of the strategy provider, as well as their reputation, and their assets.

A trader can track an investment they made in real time, which allows them to change their automated trading parameters so as to protect their investment or personalize the portfolio.

In general Duplitrade’s automated trading system is considered of premium quality and a very lucrative system.

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