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American Economic Alert is an investment oriented blog sharing our own experience trading with different brokers and platforms. Bitter experience has taught us that it is often impossible to separate the wheat from the chaff in this industry. That is why Heike was so determined to ensure that visitors to americaneconomicalert.org are saved from this fate.

Because Heike is taking more time for her Family she invited Ales Ogorevc – a known writer in this field to share his knowledge and wisdom on her blog as well. The result of this cooperation is americaneconomicalert.org.

Should you listen to us, or care about us? Well it’s up to you to decide. If you are looking for a reliable source of helpfull information, then it might be a good idea to give us a chance to help you make some extra cash.

Integrity is central to our mission, which is why we are completely open about how we make money we need to continue serving our readers. Every time one of our readers opens a broker account through us, we receive a finder’s fee from the broker. Aside from the obvious ethical considerations, we refuse to let our impartiality be compromised by any brokers trying to buy referrals from us because that would eventually discredit us in the long run.

Therefore, we would ask you to ensure that if you do find the right broker for you, that you sign up to them through americaneconomicalert.org . That way we can receive the funding required for us to continue helping traders make the right decision about where to invest.


Who are we?

Heike Arndt Regine Grašič - CEO

Heike Arndt Grašič is the founder and creator of A.E.A. While she is working part time in the marketing department of Tesmasport d.o.o. she has also gathered knowledge about investment opportunities, different brokers and trading platform.She found out trading is not an easy game the hard way and this is the reason she started this blog to warn other users of scams and rip-off brokers.

Ales ogorevc - Financial Analyst

Ales Ogorevc is our Financial Analyst and full time writer at Finance.si.

He lives for the ever-changing world of business, finance and investing and expresses his expertise of communication through written articles in financial publications.

He inspires us with his clear understanding of businesses and trends and the ability to connect the dots.

Our methodology, trading platform and broker reviews

American Economic Alert’s aim is to be people’s go to source of beneficial information related to IQ options, managed forex accounts and fx and shares trading by providing our fans the most successful trading platforms, strategies, and reviews of forex brokers and binary options brokers.

We are here to help you succeed, and you need to know that the only way to success is knowledge and undersanding. You need to understand the market, the process of trading and only then you will know hot to choose the right forex accounts manager or how to trade binary options by yourself.


Why should you trust our reviews? Because we always test them all before we write about them, this is how we operate and only when someone pasess our test we publish them on American Economic Alert

Our promise to traders

We can asure you – We will always provide you with the latest and most successful plans, strategies, analysis and tips.

Business details:

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4294, Križe


Phone: +38640428248

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